Smarmore Castle Private Clinic Open Professional Day

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic hosts first open day. The clinic widens the range of treatment options available in Ireland. Smarmore Castle is a picturesque 14th century castle in County Louth has been beautifully restored to house a state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility.

Castle Craig Ireland Ltd, trading as Smarmore Castle Private Clinic, plans to create employment for 48 people at the residential rehabilitation hospital in Ardee, County Louth. The Irish operation, a registered subsidiary of the Scottish-based Castle Craig Hospital Ltd, will act as an addiction treatment facility for UK, EU and Irish clients.

The company was introduced to Ireland through ConnectIreland, the company responsible for delivering the Government’s ‘Succeed in Ireland’ initiative, as part of the Action Plan for Jobs, in association with IDA Ireland.

Co-founded by Peter and Dr Margaret Ann McCann, Castle Craig Hospital is one of Europe’s leading rehabilitation clinics, providing inpatient treatment for people with addictive disorders.

The company chose Ardee for their first international treatment facility outside of the UK because of the availability of such a stunning location, skilled labour force and close proximity to the international airports at both Dublin and Belfast.

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in Ardee, Louth

Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in Ardee, Louth

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