Family ties bring jobs back home

A FAMILY connection helped one Irish-American return ‘home’ when he was looking to expand his business into new markets.

Cousins Michael and Louis Carron were sharing business stories and advice when it transpired that both were looking to expand their operations, albeit at different sides of the Atlantic.

While Louis’ company Blue Sky Payments, an international financial consultancy and payment processing firm, is looking to crack the US market, Michael’s New York-based project management firm, TLM Group LLC, had its sights set on expanding its European consultancy services, particularly in relation to data centre projects throughout Europe.

Ultimately, Louis put Michael in touch with ConnectIreland and so began the journey home.

Connector Louis Carron (left), with Mary Glynn and Michael Carron of TLM Group. Photo Paul Sherwood

Connector Louis Carron (left), with Mary Glynn and Michael Carron of TLM Group. Photo Paul Sherwood

“I said I would help him out and it kind of evolved from there,” explains Louis, who has made a number of successful referrals to ConnectIreland.

TLM Mission Critical Ltd, the new Irish-registered subsidiary of the TLM Group, has now opened their European HQ in Dundalk, County Louth, creating 12 jobs.

Dundalk was chosen as the prime location for TLM’s expansion plans because of the availability of key management and personnel, as well as access to talent within close proximity to Dundalk.

However the family’s strong personal connections to the area no doubt played some part – with both Michael and Louis’ fathers growing up in nearby Greenore.

“We have a lot of connections there and a lot of family up there. It’s a large family. It’s not just sentimental though, it makes great business sense,” adds Louis, who is now based in Skerries, Dublin.

Having introduced a number of companies that have successfully established in Ireland, Louis encourages others to think about who they know.

“It’s very straightforward. All the work is undertaken by ConnectIreland. I’m kept in the loop but it’s not a big job or a big ask at all. That’s a big positive for me.”


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